‘Violata Pax Dove’ -painted Bronze,11.5″ x 15.5″ x 6″ Nall 2006
‘Icon Wounded Peace’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Addiction’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Animal Abuse’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Battle of the Sexes’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Black Magie’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Chimical Spill’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Corruption’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Crucification’ 2 2008 Nall
‘Icon-Decadence’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Eve’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Fallen Angel’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-False Pride’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Genetic Intervention’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Genocide’ 2006 nall
Icon-Global Warming’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Heartlessness’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Hunger’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-La Pieta’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-La Pieta’ nall 2006
‘Icon-Lost Leagacy’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Narcissism’ 2006 nall
‘Icon-Nuclear Proliferation’ 2006 nall

In the summer of 2006 Nall, the American born-artist who studied under Salvador Dali, took the task of expressing, through lazer images and monumental bronze sculptures, the universal theme of “Violata Pax” or “Wounded Peace.” The installations began in Assisi, the legendary birthplace of medieval art (named the City of Peace by the United Nations,) Pietrasanta and Monaco.

Nall denounces the atrocities committed against mankind through this touring display. Mankind wounded within his intellectual, physical, or moral dignity, portrayed in this exhibition, through a trail laden with burdens, going well beyond geographical borders and racial barriers. This artistic slant relates the gentle message of utter simplicity and true love, which were indeed the ideals of Saint Francis of Assisi. Presented for the first time in 2006 in the Monaco Cathedral, inaugurated the same year on the outside arcades of the Minor Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, the signature exhibition pieces, ‘Violata Pax Dove’ has been seen in Vence, France; Miami, Florida; and the Galieo Galilei International Airport in Pisa, Italy. Nall’s colossal ‘Peace Frame’ is a permanent and frequently photographed fixture above the port of Monte Carlo, Monaco, in addition to its exhibition in Pisa.

The Wounded Peace Dove monumental sculpture is 4 meters high, a symbol of Peace and the spiritual element of man, closely related to the image of Saint Francis of Asisi. It is a powerful symbol representing Wounded Peace. Half of the Dove is whole and represents the positive in mandkind, the other side is his darker side that dwells in us all.

The Alabama born Nall is a modern day renaissance artist with a theatrical and symbolic intensity to his work. Although he is from the deep South, Nall has traveled the world to discovering himself and inspiration for his art. He divides his time between Alabama and France.

TIME Magazine said “the line between European sacred art and Bible-belt kitsch is a fine one — Nall’s unique accomplishment may be that he’s erased it.”

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